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Software Engineering Team Coach

Belgium, Vlaams Gewest, GhentEngineering

Job description

Pexip has an engineering-centric and diverse culture. We have a high focus on software quality and we continuously strive to become even better.

We are looking for a Software Engineering Team Coach to join our growing engineering team in Ghent, Belgium. Working with engineers to empower them to solve problems, create solutions, and achieve our organizational goals.

Naming this role is still hard. Although we're a product company and don't do typical projects, this role could also be seen as a project manager, but the coaching aspect is more important. Also "team lead" was considered, but not adequate enough since you're meant to empower and help the team and not be their manager or lead.

Successful candidates will be self-motivated and have a strong desire to make a positive contribution to the whole organization while upholding our shared commitment to cross-team collaboration and good engineering practices.
This is an onsite position in our Ghent office but keep in mind that our work from home policy is very flexible.

What does it mean to be part of Pexip?

Working as an Engineering Manager in Pexip means working with an engineering-driven culture that has a lot of freedom and takes responsibility for contributing to the company’s goals. We pride ourselves on a fluid team structure where we try to ensure that each member is working on what they find meaningful.

At Pexip we believe in servant leadership: encourage diversity of thought, create a culture of trust, have an unselfish mindset, and foster leadership in others. We expect that you’ll shape your day-to-day towards doing what’s best for your teammates and very much live by the flat company structure, so managers are there to enable you, act as funnels for information that will help you make the right decisions, and give you the tools to do so in the best possible way.

It’s preferred that you have previous experience in management but it’s not a hard requirement, we will provide you with enough support to get you going. As well, it’s helpful if you have previous engineering experience as a developer but we will consider candidates who have been working in technology-related roles without coding experience.

Job requirements

Role and Responsibilities

A Software Engineering Team Coach empowers his/her team to resolve problems, cultivate healthy relationships, and build great products, anticipating future challenges and planning ahead for their resolution as well as helping to grow the team by working with our talent acquisition team.

Your responsibilities to the Team:

  • Facilitating meetings & discussions like e.g. retrospectives

  • Bring out the best of the team; identify and handle misunderstandings

  • Reflect on inner workings of the team and find ways to improve

  • Organizing social events for your teams

  • Be the voice of the team to the outside world, like handling customer questions towards the team

  • Help the team ship by creating an optimal work environment

  • Measure team success and adjust if necessary

  • Assess team-fit of new recruits

Your responsibilities to each individual in your team:

  • Create personal growth plans in collaboration with the team and follow them up

  • Motivate and protect team members

  • Ensure less vocal individuals get a chance to express themselves and contribute to changes

Qualifications (must have)

  • Great people and communication skills; diplomatic

  • Proven (soft) leadership track within a development environment

  • Selfless

  • Affinity with software development

  • Excellent organization skills

  • Confident, but modest

  • Analytical but pragmatic

  • Vocal, but attentive/listening

  • Excellent in spoken English

Qualifications (nice to have)

  • Prior experience with software development

  • Experience working with an international team

About Pexip

Pexip is a rapidly growing videoconferencing company, formed from two successful Norwegian start-ups. One company was founded in a boathouse, one in a loft, however, both were established by experienced engineers who had a vision for what the right technology could do for the industry and for society. Ten years later, the world is now more ready than ever to adopt innovative communication tools and Pexip has the platform and the experience to be at the forefront of this revolution.

Pexip provides a unique approach to video communication and collaboration, allowing integration between any device via WebRTC in-browser video or mobile apps, as well as previously incompatible technologies such as in-room video conferencing systems, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet services.

We sell Pexip products either as completely self-hosted software, as a fully managed service, or a combination of both. Our customers are based all around the world and are from a wide range of industries. Pexip has grown steadily over the past ten years and following our successful IPO in 2020 we are now investing even more in finding the right people to help us help our customers solve today’s very real collaboration problems.

Today we have over 600 people and are growing fast, but Pexip’s culture means the world to us, which is why we are focused on growing our team in the right way: the Pexip Way.

The Pexip Way builds on a strong foundation of shared values. Our goal is to work together as One Team and we empower our employees with the Freedom and Responsibility to decide for themselves how to deliver on that goal. We believe that we all thrive in an environment that is both Professional and Fun and with No Bullshit - where we are honest and direct with ourselves and our customers.

Pexip is an equal opportunity employer and evaluates applicants on merit regardless of their age, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, family situation, or veteran status. We embrace diversity and believe it is integral to making Pexip unique, which is why we are so committed to creating a kind, inclusive environment for all employees.

Pexip has main development centers in Oslo (Norway), Reading (UK) and Ghent (Belgium), along with a rapidly growing number of offices around the world.