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Back-end JavaScript Engineer

Belgium, Vlaams Gewest, GhentEngineering

Job description

As an experienced back-end JavaScript engineer with at least a few years of experience, you’ll be involved in creating API's and shaping the scalable architecture for our Customer Engagement SaaS solution.
This solution allows customers to schedule and meet with experts in complex organizations. We provide the possibility to embed meeting scheduling functionality in websites, as well as a branded video experience.

Together with the team, you'll be responsible for technical analysis, implementation and automated testing of the team's features.

You’ll be part of a dedicated engineering team (currently 12 engineers) to achieve this.

We're based in Ghent and would love for you to come to the office at least once or twice per week (post-Corona).

Job requirements

Required technical skills

  • Git
  • Node.js & TypeScript
  • RESTful APIs
  • Command line proficiency
  • Good insights into software architecture
  • Good knowledge of databases and data structures

Skills to delight us with

  • Automated testing
  • Experience with event-driven architectures and tools (RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Google Pub/Sub, …)
  • Experience with GraphQL
  • Experience with CI/CD tools (e.g. Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub Actions, …)
  • Experience with Kubernetes and Cloud providers (Azure, GCP)
  • Experience with building scalable microservices

Personal skills

  • You’re driven by your passion for development
  • You can spot links and associations when searching for problems
  • You have the ambition to become an expert in what you do, you are willing to invest in yourself and you have a strong focus on the client
  • You’re confident, but also modest
  • You’re analytic, but also pragmatic
  • If you could, you’d automate everything into a single click

Hiring process

  • We start by having a 15 min phone call to ensure it's smart to meet for a longer period.
  • You'll have a chat with your future manager
  • You will also meet a few of your future co-workers
  • Depending on that discussion and your experience, you might get an assessment. For us to understand how you think, for you to understand what we find important. The assessment itself is not what we're after, but the discussion we'll have with you about the assessment will give us a lot of insights.
  • Our values are important, so you'll also get to know those and see if you carry those as well

About us

Skedify is a Gent-based customer engagement solution for enterprises in Financial services, HR & Recruitment, Public services and High-Involvement Retail with extensive customer facing interactions that want to offer an end-to-end scheduling and meeting experience, whether face-to-face physically or virtually through video, to provide the best possible customer experience and commercial successes. With Skedify’s integration capabilities from CMS to CRM and ability to handle complex organizational needs, it’s a perfect fit for any enterprise aiming to streamline their high-touch customer interactions. Skedify’s motto is: Schedule. Meet. Win.
In November of 2021, Skedify got acquired by the Norwegian company Pexip to transform the way customers engage with companies.
Pexip is a video communication platform that empowers and connects people across borders, business and technologies. Our scalable platform enables high-quality video meetings, with enterprise-grade security, and is easily adapted to fit customers’ IT requirements and existing infrastructure. This makes Pexip the leading provider for large enterprises and public sector organizations. The solution is sold through 300 channel partners in 75 countries and used in more than 190 countries. Pexip was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in May 2020.